So you know …

Just because the seller works for Porsche and they sell you the car from the Porsche car park, that doesn’t mean you will get a good car or that they will disclose any faults.

To Clarify Porsche were not involved in the sale in any way … just their employee in works time on Porsche property, The fact we were at Porsche and he was an employee brought some added confidence in the sale due to the circumstances.

This is just a first pass at getting my experience with this car purchase down, I will add to it as events happen.

I arranged a viewing and was asked to meet the Seller at Porsche’s Preston garage where he works. He told me the car ( a 2008 BMW E91 Touring ) had no faults and that he was only selling the car as he was being given a company car and no longer needed this car.

The Porsche garage is impressive as is their service and workshop area, this gave me confidence that the seller was genuine and honest . The car looked very good, and the seller took me for a drive in the car, we only drove at normal town speeds (less than 30mph) and all seemed ok.

I repeatedly asked him throughout the viewing f there were any known faults and he assured me there were not.

We agreed a price and I later collected the car feeling confident in the car having bought it of a Porsche employee on Porsche property. The following day I took my family out in the car and took the car up to 50mph there was a whining sound from the back of the car which by all indications is the differential. This isn’t something that suddenly appears it’s gradual wear so the seller must have known.

Within 5-10 miles the engine warning light came on, this was diagnosed with code reader the same day as being P0137 – O2 Sensor Circuit Low Voltage Bank 1 sensor 2.

I need to follow up with Porsche to see if the warning code was cleared at their garage as there were no other warnings at all in the memory. Some may think it’s nothing to do with Porsche but I would disagree seeing the sale took place on there property and the seller was being paid by Porsche at the time of the sale.

I will update here as events unfold but its looking like I’ll be taking civil action in the small claims court. True a buyer has fewer rights in private sale but the seller must disclose when asked about faults, and the seller did not in this case so we will see what happens. If you have had a similar experience to this drop me a line and let me know how you dealt with it.