What … I have to do that as well?

… sorry but you do.

If you put the effort in others probably won’t so you have the edge over them.

Basic Page Optimisation includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Ensuring that each page of your website has a specific purpose. This purpose should be echoed in the URL  e.g. funkywebsitestore/website-design-tips as opposed to funkywebsitestore/page-3 which is an SEO no no.
  • Word count should be 500+ words that are focuses and on topic with quality content, don’t just pad the page as your bounce rate will sour as visitors leave straight away. Googles mission os to serve up quality information appropriate to the search criteria. Google will reward you for helping them achieve this by raising you in the rankings if you earn it.
  • Ensure images are appropriatly named i.e. label a picture of your favourite car ‘my lovely car’ and not ‘pic-00234’. Ensure the Alt text for the image is entered in too. A basic rule of thumb should be – if you as a human ave a good idea what the image should be by its name then Google will too.
  • Stick several outbound links on your pages. Link to quality sites that are relevant to your page subject and have the links open in a new window so you do not loose your viewer.
  • You guessed it you should also sprinkle some internal links to allow easy navigation throughout your website.
  • Anchor text should be descriptive
    e.g. ‘read this article on LinkedIn’
    and not ‘to learn more CLICK HERE’


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